Majority News Releases

June 2023
Murray Statement on Senate Passage of Debt Ceiling Legislation
Senator Murray Speaks on Debt Limit Agreement on Senate Floor
May 2023
ICYMI: Senate Appropriations Hearing Makes Clear: Undercutting American Investments Forfeits Future to China
Murray and Collins Plan to Begin Bipartisan Senate Appropriations Markups in June
As Competition with China Intensifies, Senator Murray Makes Clear: America Cannot Stay Ahead Unless Our Investments Keep Pace
Senator Murray Opening Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on Strengthening America's Security and Competitiveness and the Path Ahead for the US-China Relationship
Senator Murray Highlights Critical Importance of Strong Investments in Education and Workforce
At Hearing on Defense Budget, Senator Murray Underscores Importance of Passing Timely Funding Bills to Keep Pace with Competitors and Support Military Families
Senator Murray Makes Clear Delivering Resources FBI and DEA Need is Mission-Critical to Keep Communities Across America Safe
Senator Murray: Living Up to Our Nation’s Commitments to Tribes Includes Delivering on Key Federal Investments—Not Slashing Them
Senator Murray at NIH Budget Hearing: We Cannot Afford to Slash Our Investments in Lifesaving Research
Senator Murray Discusses Efforts to Strengthen U.S. Competitiveness
At EPA Budget Hearing, Senator Murray Highlights How House Republicans’ Cuts Threaten Clean Air & Water, Efforts to Combat PFAS Contamination
Senator Murray: Investing in Lowering Energy Costs, Protecting Our Grid, and Cutting-Edge Scientific Discovery is a No-Brainer
At Hearing on Army Budget, Senator Murray Stresses Importance of Supporting Military Families—and of Keeping Pace with Global Competitors’ Investments
April 2023
Murray Emphasizes Role Commerce Department Plays Ensuring Competitive U.S. Economy
Senator Murray: Our Water Resources Are Too Critical to Shortchange or Take for Granted
At Hearing on VA Budget, Murray Underscores Commitment to Fully Funding VA Through Regular Order, Asks VA Secretary About Veterans’ Medical Care, Implementing PACT Act, EHR
At Hearing on Capitol Police Budget, Senator Murray Underscores Commitment to Support Those Keeping Our Capitol Safe
At Hearing on HUD Budget, Senator Murray Emphasizes Urgency of Strong Federal Investments to Tackle Housing & Homelessness Crisis
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