Senator Murray Urges Senate Republicans to Move Forward on National Security Supplemental


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Washington, D.C. — Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, spoke on the Senate floor after Senate Republicans voted to block consideration of the Senate’s national security supplemental comprised of bipartisan priorities.


Senator Murray’s remarks, as delivered. are below:


“The clock is ticking and the eyes of the world are watching to see how quickly, and how completely, the U.S. responds to urgent challenges across the world.


“We cannot afford delays that tell our adversaries they can just wait us out.


“We cannot afford half steps that tell our allies we will only stand by some of them, some of the time.


“And we cannot accept the notion that there is a ‘price that must be paid’ in order to stand by our allies.


“That is why we are voting today to move forward on a bill that will respond to pressing security challenges.


“It’s past time for Senators to show they appreciate the urgency of this moment.


“Now, I have heard some Republicans criticize this package for what is not in it: the extreme, partisan policy changes to our nation’s immigration laws they’ve been pushing.


“Well, here’s how I see this...

“When you have a bill like this one with funding that is urgently needed for issues that have really broad, bipartisan support, and you face a moment like this where civilians are suffering, our allies are under attack, our adversaries are watching for signs of weakness, and American leadership—and our country’s long-term security—is on the line, you don’t vote down the bill because you weren’t able to attach your partisan wish list to it.


“And you don’t tie aid for allies you believe is vital—vital to their safety and security—to passing partisan nonstarters.


“You work to find consensus and get that aid across the finish line.


“Now, let’s talk about that aid and the funding that is in this bill and why it is so crucial that we pass it without delay.


“First: this package extends essential support for our allies in Ukraine—something we have all been discussing even longer than aid to Israel, and have already been forced to delay too many times.


“Ukraine has fought bravely to push back Putin’s bloody invasion, and our support for their efforts has been indispensable.


“But it is right now at a critical juncture!


“We are about to leave the tank empty, while Putin continues his attacks.


“If you are stopping us from getting this done, you are choosing to leave Ukraine with fewer resources and put Russia in a stronger position—those are just the plain facts of the matter.


“This is not hyperbole. That’s the military reality on the ground.

“Ukraine’s success on the battlefield depends on its air defenses.


“And those defenses depend on U.S.-made interceptor missiles—which they won’t get without this package.


“So, if we don’t get this done quickly, we will—as just one example—give Russia an opening to potentially destroy Ukrainian air defenses and achieve air superiority.


“That would mark a catastrophic turning point in the war, in the region, and in the balance of power between the free world and brutal dictatorships.


“A U.S. ally weakened, if not beaten, not due to lack of a courage on their part, but a lack of commitment on ours.

“And that would send a dangerous and disgraceful message to our adversaries and our allies alike, about just how serious to take America’s commitments. 


“We cannot let this get pushed off yet again.


“We have to send a clear message to dictators: you cannot wait the U.S. out and trample democracies, we stand firm by our allies.


“And that’s what this package does with aid to Ukraine.


“It also includes security assistance for Israel in the aftermath of the horrific Hamas attacks.


“The latest activity from Houthi rebels against U.S. forces underscores the importance of supporting our allies and promoting stability in the region.


“And critically, this package provides humanitarian aid for Gaza—and elsewhere—to get civilians the food and water and medical care and other essentials they desperately need.


“This is not just the absolute right thing to do but another key part of combatting hopelessness—and the extremism that it can breed.


“This bill also includes much needed investments in the Indo-Pacific so we can strengthen our allies, bolster our presence in the region, and deter our adversaries.


“And, let’s be clear, this bill also does include resources for the border and to stop the flow of fentanyl.

“If you truly, honestly, believe we need to do more on the border, I don’t know how you decide doing nothing is better than something substantial.


“So let’s cut to the chase here.


“This bill is made up of basic, bipartisan priorities.


“Supporting Ukraine and Israel, getting humanitarian assistance to civilians, stopping fentanyl, making common sense investments to humanely manage our border—and they all have broad support here in the Senate!


“So let’s take this opportunity to get things moving—to get onto the bill so we can do the hard work of legislating and debating and considering amendments to it, instead of pitting allies and crises against each other as political bargaining chips.


“I urge all of my colleagues to vote yes, and show they are serious about responding to all the crises before us.


“And then let’s get right back to working in a bipartisan way on our annual spending bills, like I just talked about, and other urgent issues—like child care.

“Because let’s be clear—this is another crisis that is growing worse every day.


“Thank you.”