Senator Collins’ Statement on Senate Passage of National Security Supplemental


Washington, D.C. – Today, by a vote of 70-29, the U.S. Senate passed the national security supplemental package.  U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Vice Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Subcommittee on Defense, was a lead negotiator of the bipartisan legislation, which now heads to the U.S. House of Representatives for consideration.


Following the vote this morning, Senator Collins issued this statement:


“The national security bill passed by the Senate is of profound importance to America’s security.  It would provide updated, effective munitions and equipment to our troops, allow our Navy to continue its vital operations in the Red Sea, and rebuild our flagging defense industrial base. 


“The bill would also provide vital assistance to Ukrainians battling a brutal, unprovoked Russian invasion.  It would reassure our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, as it fights terrorists who killed 1,200 people, took babies and the elderly as hostages, and used innocent Palestinians as human shields.  Furthermore, it would help deter a menacing China whose Navy now exceeds the size of ours.


“Each of these investments is in our national interest.”