Senator Collins’ Statement on Passage of Continuing Resolution, Avoiding Government Shutdown


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Vice Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, released the below statement following the Senate’s passage of a continuing resolution by a vote of 88-9:


“Today’s passage of a continuing resolution averts a shutdown and is a victory for common sense.


“Government shutdowns are harmful and should be avoided at all costs.  They deprive our military, border patrol agents, air traffic controllers, and airport security personnel (TSA) of their paychecks while requiring them to perform their essential work.  They hamper the delivery of many government programs upon which families rely.  They cause National Parks like Acadia National Park to close, decreasing revenue for local small businesses and disappointing visitors.  They halt essential biomedical research.


“In addition, government shutdowns actually cost taxpayers money by increasing the cost of short-term borrowing by the government and have an adverse impact on the entire economy.


“Now that this immediate crisis has been averted, it is time to get back to processing the 12 appropriations bills that passed the Senate Appropriations Committee with overwhelming bipartisan support.”