FY 2023 Appropriations Requests and Congressionally Directed Spending

The Senate Appropriations Committee will again be accepting member requests from Senators for the Fiscal Year 2023 Appropriations bills.  This is an important and valuable way for each member to communicate their federal budget priorities for the fiscal year and advocate for programs that are important to their constituents and benefit their states. 

General guidance for Senators making requests to the Appropriations Committee, including deadlines for receiving requests by Subcommittee, can be found HERE.      

In addition to accepting programmatic requests, the Senate Appropriations Committee will again, on a bipartisan basis, accept requests for Congressionally Directed Spending.  This will be the second year that Chairman Leahy has restored the practice of Congressionally Directed Spending. 

In fiscal year 2022, Chairman Leahy imposed new reforms on the practice to promote transparency and accountability, which remain in place for fiscal year 2023.  These reforms can be found HERE

In a commitment to transparency, all members will be required to post any requests they make for Congressionally Directed Spending to their Senate office website and certify that neither they nor their immediate family have a financial interest in their requests.  The Appropriations Committee will update this page with links to each post when they become available. 

The Committee will carefully review all member requests. Only those requests that comply with Committee and Senate rules and are deemed appropriate for federal support will be considered for funding.

In fiscal year 2022, Congressionally Directed Spending, and Community Project Funding directed by the House Appropriations Committee, accounted for less than 1 percent of discretionary spending, a commitment made by both Chairman Leahy and Chair DeLauro.  These worthwhile projects directed taxpayer dollars back into communities to promote economic development, education, health care initiatives, and other worthy investments in the American people.  A complete list of projects that were funded, and those that were requested, in fiscal year 2022 can be found HERE.