Statement of Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) On The House Introduced Emergency Security Supplemental

There can be no question that the needs in the wake of the tragic events of January 6th are great.  The insurrectionists left in their wake broken doors and broken windows, our Capitol Police force is overburdened and under resourced, and members and staff have suffered significant emotional trauma.  It also exposed vulnerabilities in our security that must be addressed.  On top of that the pandemic has caused the House and the Senate and their supporting agencies to incur unexpected costs to keep the Capitol community safe during an unprecedented health crisis, leaving the Legislative Branch stretched thin on resources just when we were attacked.   I am committed to moving a bill in the Senate to address these important needs; it must be done.  But in doing so we must make sure we are making smart investments in our security based on lessons learned.  It is important to me that the Capitol, a potent symbol of our democracy, remain open and accessible to the public and does not feel like a militarized zone.   I look forward to reviewing the details of the House bill and working with members on both sides of the aisle to move forward on this matter in the Senate. 

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