Statement Vice Chairman Leahy On President Trump’s Latest Raid On The Military

It is Congress – the representatives of the American people – who hold the power of the purse under the Constitution.  Time and again, this President has subverted that constitutional authority and bipartisan majorities of Congress to pay for his vanity wall. 

Let us see whether congressional Republicans will brush off this diversion of funds from military programs that they support, or continue the inaction that has led this President to become increasingly brazen.  Today, he stole from our National Guard to pay for his wasteful wall, including the entire account they use to purchase equipment that helps Americans during natural and manmade disasters here at home, and raided programs specifically meant to address critical shortfalls identified by military leaders.  And by raiding Overseas Contingency Operations funding – funds meant for warfighting in foreign lands – his brash abuse of authority has been raised to the level of the absurd.

The President has stolen from the men and women of our military, their families, and the American taxpayers all to pay for a failed campaign promise and endanger our national security.  Congressional Democrats have objected to this time and again.  Votes have been taken to stop this abuse time and again.  It is clear where the responsibility lies. 

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