Statement Of Vice Chairman Leahy On The Trump Administration Continuing To Withhold Aid to Puerto Rico

It has been 810 days since Hurricane Maria destroyed the homes, businesses and lives of countless American citizens of Puerto Rico, and for 810 days President Trump and his administration have been dragging their feet on delivering aid that the island desperately needs.  Implementing appropriations passed by Congress and signed into law is not optional.  It is not left to the whims of a President who holds a petty political grudge against the American people of Puerto Rico. 

Today marks 90 days since President Trump and his administration broke the law by failing to comply with a deadline set by Congress to deliver on funds appropriated by Congress to help the island recover.  This is not optional.  This is not normal.  And this is not acceptable.  I stand with Chairwoman Lowey and Chairman Price in calling out the administration’s egregious and petty treatment of the people of Puerto Rico at their press conference this morning, and I look forward to continuing to work with them to make sure this injustice is stopped.  

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