Senator Collins’ Statement on National Security Supplemental


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Susan Collins, Vice Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and Subcommittee on Defense, released the following statement on the Senate’s national security supplemental package:


“This supplemental funding package is comprised of four pillars: securing our border, helping Ukraine counter Russian aggression, assisting Israel in its fight against terrorism, and deterring a rising China.


“I appreciate the efforts of Senators Lankford, Murphy, and Sinema who authored the Border Act, which includes provisions I requested that will speed up access to work authorizations for asylum seekers.


“In addition, this package contains a number of important provisions, including:


  • “$60.8 billion to support Ukraine as it counters Russian aggression;


  • “Requirement for a strategy for U.S. assistance to Ukraine, including specific and achievable U.S. interests and objectives;


  • “$16.8 billion to support and protect U.S. service members as they face ongoing attacks in the Middle East and to assist Israel in its war against Hamas terrorists while placing guardrails on humanitarian assistance for Palestinian civilians so that it is not diverted by Hamas or other terrorist groups;


  • “No funding for UNRWA, the United Nations agency found to have employed terrorists who participated in the October 7th attacks against Israel;


  • “$4.8 billion for the Indo-Pacific to strengthen its defenses and deter China;


  • “$34.9 billion to replenish and modernize U.S. military stockpiles and strengthen the U.S. defense industrial base to build more munitions and submarines;


  • “Funding for the construction of a border wall.


“The release of the bill text will allow the Senate to begin consideration of the agreement.”