Senate Appropriations Committee Vice Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) REAX To Trump Administration Opposing New Funding For The VA MISSION Act

We do our veterans no favors by promising care without backing it up with resources, and the administration saying that providing new funding to care for our veterans is “anathema to responsible spending” is shameful.  Signing a bill then opposing the resources to fund it is no different than writing a rubber check.  If the bill the President is signing is important to veterans – I believe that it is, and even the President will say that it is – then it needs to be funded to make it real.

To truly address the health care needs of our veterans, we need to not only fix the policy but pay what’s needed to put it into effect.  Not doing that would jeopardize the health care and wellbeing of our veterans.  I’m not willing to accept that, and none of us should.

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