REAX of Vice Chairman Leahy To President Trump Proposing A Three-Week Continuing Resolution

For 35 days, President Trump has robbed hundreds of thousands of American families of their paychecks, forcing dedicated public servants to turn to foodbanks and unemployment benefits to feed and support their families.  For 35 days, President Trump denied millions of taxpaying Americans access to public services.  For 35 days, President Trump has inflicted pain on the American people and compromised our national security. 


And for what?  All of this pain and suffering to end where we began.  On December 19, the Senate passed a bill by voice vote to fund the government to February 8 – nearly what the President has proposed today – only for President Trump to break his word and precipitate this national crisis.   


The Trump Shutdown should have never happened, and it should have never dragged on for 35 days.  I hope that the President has learned that Congress is a coequal branch of government, and the American people are not pawns to be played with in his political games.


I look forward to continuing my bipartisan work with Chairman Shelby to make responsible investments in the American people and border security, and I pray that President Trump does not repeat this national embarrassment again.  Let us promptly vote to reopen the government and end this national nightmare.


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CONTACT: Jay Tilton – 202-224-2667