REAX Of Senate Appropriations Committee Vice Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) To President Trump’s Coronavirus Executive Orders

The President wants to reopen schools, but opposes funding for schools to make them safe.  The President thinks the virus will just disappear, but opposes funding for testing and tracing.  The President promises that vaccines will be available by November, but opposes funding for vaccine development, distribution, and to make the vaccine affordable to everyone.  The President says that the virus “is what it is,” but he opposes funding for hospitals and other health care providers to support the front line workers who care for victims of the virus.  The President says he supports front line workers, but opposes relief for state and local governments that have already had to lay off over one million teachers, police, fire, and other personnel.  And the President raiding the FEMA Disaster Response Fund the same week that the National Weather Service projects that the hurricane season will produce 7-11 hurricanes, 3-6 of which will be major events with winds of over 111 MPH, is nothing but short sighted and irresponsible.

Instead of making false promises, the President must work with the Congress to provide real solutions for the American people. He has delayed far too long.

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