Chairwoman Mikulski Speaks About Severe Impacts Of America Defaulting On Its Debt

For Immediate Release:  October 15, 2013

Contact: Rob Blumenthal w/Mikulski 202-224-1010   Eve Goldsher 202-224-3751

WASHINGTON --U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, spoke on the Senate floor about the severe impacts of failing to raise the debt ceiling and allowing America to default on its debt. Highlightsof the speech as well as audio and video downloads are available below:

"We are 33 hours away from the possibility of the United States of America becoming a deadbeat nation by not paying its bills to its own people and other creditors," said Chairwoman Mikulski. "We are 33 hours away from our T-Bills becoming a junk bond. It is unacceptable that our T-Bills, our treasury bills, should move to a junk bond status. We have got to get rid of that threat and we've got to get rid of the junk talk that's going on around here. The Congress of the United States must have a sense of urgency and come together on a program that ensures that the United States of America pays its bills and opens its government to serve its own people and to serve the role that we play around the world."

Download audio here.

Download video here.