Majority News Releases

March 2014
Chairwoman Mikulski Speaks in Support of the Senate Amendment to the House Continuing Resolution
Chairwoman Mikulski Speaks About Severe Impacts Of America Defaulting On Its Debt
Chairwoman Mikulski Announces Omnibus Agreement
Text of Continuing Funding Resolution
Senate Passes Continuing Funding Resolution to Reopen Government
Chairwoman Mikulski Releases Text of Senate Continuing Funding Resolution
Schedule for the Week of March 10, 2014
Senate Passes Continuing Appropriations Resolution to Fund Government Through November 15, 2013
Cochran Mourns the Loss of Senator Daniel K. Inouye
Tribute to U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye
Shelby: Sequestration is No Solution to Our Spending Problem
Shelby Statement on Commerce Department Budget
Shelby: NASA Must Focus on SLS
Shelby Statement Highlights Controversies Engulfing DOJ and Attorney General Holder
Shelby: Spending Bills Must Conform to Law
Labor-HHS Bill Should Not Fund Failures of Obamacare
Shelby Statement on Commerce Justice Science Funding Bill
Shelby Statement on CJS, DHS Appropriations Markup
Shelby: Appropriation Bills Must Conform to Budget Control Act Limit
Chairwoman Mikulski's Remarks at Defense Full Committee Markup
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