Murray Remarks Ahead of Motion to Proceed to National Security Supplemental


***WATCH: Senator Murray's floor remarks***


Washington, D.C. — Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, spoke on the Senate floor in support of tonight's vote on the motion to proceed to the national security supplemental.


Senator Murray’s remarks, as delivered, are below:


“Let’s be clear—the stakes of this moment could not be higher. The question before us is nothing short of ‘what kind of future do we want for our kids?’


“Our role as the leader of the free world is on the line.


“If we tell dictators like Putin they can trample sovereign democracies with impunity, if we tell our allies they are on their own, if we tell suffering civilians help is NOT on the way, if we tell the world, the era of American leadership and resolve is over—we will be inviting chaos, emboldening dictators, and leaving the world a much more dangerous place for our kids.


“That is exactly why this package is so important. That is why we have insisted for months on a serious, comprehensive national security supplemental that actually meets this moment and doesn’t leave any of our allies behind.


“It has been a long, frustrating road—but Democrats have been glued to the negotiating table, because failure is not an option here.


“Listen, I hope we move forward quickly on this package now and I, like many others, want a fair and reasonable, bipartisan amendment process. But recognize that those of us who understand the stakes of this moment are ready to stay here as long as it takes to get this done.


“I hope all my colleagues will continue to work with me and the Senator from Maine to get this over the finish line because, right now: soldiers in Ukraine are counting their bullets wondering how long they can hold out; dictators are watching closely to see if this is their time to make a move; civilians, including kids, are caught in crossfire—and in desperate need of food,  and water, and medical care.


“We do NOT have a second to lose. Let’s get this done and show the world American leadership is still strong.”