Leahy Calls For Bipartisan Negotiations On Security Supplemental

WASHINGTON (Monday, June 21, 2021) – Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Monday called on Senate Republicans to join bipartisan negotiations on the Security Supplemental to address the fallout from the January 6 insurrection.  It has been 166 days since the January 6 attack, and 32 days since the House passed an emergency supplemental. Without Senate action, the Capitol Police will run out of funding sometime in August.  And without Senate action, the National Guard, which provided protection to the Capitol after the attack of January 6, will have to begin cutting training in August.  

Leahy said:  “The January 6 insurrection left a path of destruction through the seat of our democracy and left our Capitol Police force overburdened and under resourced resulting from unanticipated costs associated with the attack, including significant overtime duty, and the need for retention bonuses.  For 32 days, Senate Republicans have refused to join bipartisan negotiations to address these urgent security needs, and now the Capitol Police risks running out of funding this summer.  I am committed to moving a bill in the Senate to address these important needs and prevent this self-made crisis; it must be done.”

Without intervention, the Department will deplete salaries funds by early August - 55 sworn officers have left since January 6, further depleting a stressed force that is already significantly below what is needed to meet mission requirements.  Purchases of critical equipment, like respirators, ballistic helmets, and other protective and civil disturbance hard gear, and training sessions have been delayed. Efforts to implement the Department’s wellness program to address mental health concerns following January 6 have also been delayed.  The Security Supplemental would address these shortfalls and provide new resources for overtime, hazard pay, mental health services, and retention bonuses, as well as provide equipment and training critical for the life-safety of officers.  It would also fully reimburse the national guard for their costs protecting the Capitol.

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