Cochran Addresses FY2018 Appropriations Outlook

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) today released the following statement regarding the need for a budget deal between Congress and the administration in order to complete FY2018 appropriations bills:

“The Senate Appropriations Committee has little time to finalize the regular appropriations bills, and to consider additional supplemental appropriations requests for defense and for natural disaster recovery.

“We need a new budget deal to finish our work.  Congress and the administration must reach agreement on acceptable top-line funding levels for defense and non-defense programs.

“At the funding cap currently in law, the Appropriations Committee would be hard-pressed to write a 2018 defense bill that fully meets our national security needs or reflects the priorities of the Senate.

“The current continuing resolution expires December 8.  We cannot afford to extend that continuing resolution into next year.

“A budget agreement is necessary for the Senate to approve responsible appropriations legislation.  I urge all parties to those negotiations to redouble their efforts to reach agreement.”

To expedite completion of the appropriations bills, Cochran indicated his intention to release chairmen’s marks next week for the remaining four FY2018 appropriations bills not yet taken up by the committee.  This action would follow precedent set in previous Congresses, most recently with four bills in FY2015.

To date, the Senate Appropriations Committee has marked up eight of the 12 regular appropriations bills for FY2018.  The committee has also processed two supplemental appropriations bills and a continuing resolution.