Appropriations Committee Chairman Leahy Comment On President Biden’s Budget Proposal

Earlier this month, President Biden laid out his vision for our country at the State of the Union by prioritizing investments in education, health care, growing the workforce, and building our economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not from the top down.  He rejected isolationism, and called for rebuilding partnerships with foreign allies and partners and projecting U.S. global leadership consistent with our values. Today’s budget is a reflection of those priorities.  It makes investments in supporting our communities, addressing the climate crisis, combating COVID and preparing for future pandemics, caring for our veterans, and provides the funding for the defense, diplomacy, and humanitarian aid that are needed to address Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the abuses of other authoritarian regimes.   

In the coming weeks, it is essential that Congress, on a bipartisan and bicameral basis, work with the President to negotiate budget toplines so that we can commence the appropriations process for the fiscal year that begins on October 1.  I look forward to working with the President, Vice Chairman Shelby, Chair DeLauro, and Ranking Member Granger to realize these needed investments in the American people.

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