FY 2024 Congressionally Directed Spending

The U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations provides the following information for the fiscal year 2024 appropriations process as part of its commitment to following Rule XLIV of the Standing Rules of the Senate for Congressionally Directed Spending items and additional transparency requirements instituted by the Committee. 

Projects Included in Senate Bills

The following list provides information on Congressionally Directed Spending items that are included in the fiscal year 2024 Senate appropriations bills.

Member Requests
A comprehensive chart of all Senators’ requests for fiscal year 2024 can be found here.

The Committee requires Senators who submit Congressionally Directed Spending items to publish those requests on their websites, along with the certification that neither they nor their immediate family members have any financial interest in the item(s) requested. Links to these disclosures are listed below in alphabetical order. Any questions regarding individual Congressionally Directed Spending items should be directed to the requesting Senate office.