FY 2024 Appropriations Requests and Congressionally Directed Spending

For the fiscal year 2024 appropriations cycle, the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations will again accept requests from Senators on their funding priorities. This is an important way that Senators can advocate for programs critical to the nation, their constituents, and their states.


General guidance for Senators on making fiscal year 2024 appropriations requests to the Committee, including deadlines for submitting requests to the various subcommittees, is available HERE.


In addition to accepting programmatic and language requests, the Committee will again, on a bipartisan basis, accept requests for Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) items. Congressionally Directed Spending items can promote economic development, education, health care initiatives, and other worthy investments in communities across the country.


In accordance with Rule XLIV of the Standing Rules of the Senate, Senators who submit requests for Congressionally Directed Spending must certify that neither they nor their immediate family members have any financial interest in the item(s) requested. To further enhance transparency and accountability, Chair Murray and Vice Chair Collins will continue reforms instituted last Congress for Congressionally Directed Spending items, including requiring Senators who submit CDS requests to publish those requests on their websites, along with the certification mentioned above. 


The Committee will carefully review all Congressionally Directed Spending requests made by Senators. Only those Congressionally Directed Spending requests that meet the requirements above and are deemed appropriate for federal support will be considered for funding.


FY 2024 Congressionally Directed Spending


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