Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies

Chairman Mark Pryor

Ranking Member Roy Blunt


Tom Harkin Iowa
Dianne Feinstein California
Tim Johnson South Dakota
Mark Pryor Arkansas
Jon Tester Montana
Tom Udall New Mexico
Jeff Merkley Oregon


Thad Cochran Mississippi
Mitch McConnell Kentucky
Susan Collins Maine
Roy Blunt Missouri
Jerry Moran Kansas
John Hoeven North Dakota
  • Agricultural Credit Insurance Fund (USDA)
  • Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA)
  • Agricultural Research Service (USDA)
  • Buildings and Facilities (USDA)
  • Agriculture Buildings and Facilities and Rental Payments (USDA)
  • Agriculture, U.S. Department of (except Forest Service)
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA)
  • Buildings and Facilities (USDA)
  • Child Nutrition Programs (USDA)
  • Commodity Assistance Program (USDA)
  • Commodity Credit Corporation (USDA)
  • Common Computing Environment (USDA)
  • Conservation Operations (USDA)
  • Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (USDA)
  • Dairy Indemnity Program (USDA)
  • Departmental Administration (USDA)
  • Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program (USDA)
  • Economic Research Service (USDA)
  • Emergency Conservation Program (USDA)
  • Export Loans Program (USDA)
  • Extension Activities (USDA)
  • Farm Credit Administration
  • Farm Credit System Financial Assistance Corporation
  • Farm Labor Housing Program
  • Farm Service Agency (USDA)
  • Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (USDA)
  • Food and Drug Administration (HHS)
  • Food and Drug Administration Buildings and Facilities (HHS)
  • Food and Nutrition Service (USDA)
  • Food Donations Programs (USDA)
  • Food Program Administration (USDA)
  • Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA)
  • Food Stamp Program (USDA)
  • Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA)
  • Funds for Strengthening Markets, Income, and Supply (section 32) (USDA)
  • General Sales Manager (USDA)
  • Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards Administration (USDA)
  • Hazardous Materials Management (USDA)
  • Inspection and Weighing Services (USDA)
  • Integrated Activities (USDA)
  • Mutual and Self-Help Housing Grants (USDA)
  • National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA)
  • Native American Institutions Endowment Fund (USDA)
  • National Appeals Division (USDA)
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA)
  • Office of Budget and Program Analysis (USDA)
  • Office of Communications (USDA)
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration (USDA)
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations (USDA)
  • Office of the Chief Economist (USDA)
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer (USDA)
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer (USDA)
  • Office of the General Counsel (USDA)
  • Office of the Inspector General (USDA)
  • Office of the Secretary (USDA)
  • Office of the Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services (USDA)
  • Office of the Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services (USDA)
  • Office of the Under Secretary for Food Safety (USDA)
  • Office of the Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs (USDA)
  • Office of the Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment (USDA)
  • Office of the Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics (USDA)
  • Office of the Under Secretary for Rural Development (USDA)
  • Operations and Maintenance for Hazardous Waste Management (USDA)
  • Outreach for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers (USDA)
  • Public Law 480 Program (USDA)
  • Reimbursement for Net Realized Losses (USDA)
  • Rental Assistance Program (USDA)
  • Research and Education Activities (USDA)
  • Resource Conservation and Development (USDA)
  • Risk Management Agency (USDA)
  • Rural Business-Cooperative Service (USDA)
  • Rural Community Advancement Program (USDA)
  • Rural Cooperative Development Grants (USDA)
  • Rural Development Loan Fund (USDA)
  • Rural Development Salaries and Expenses (USDA)
  • Rural Economic Development Loans (USDA)
  • Rural Economic Development Grants (USDA)
  • Rural Electrification and Telecommunications Loans Program (USDA)
  • Rural Housing Assistance Grants (USDA)
  • Rural Housing Insurance Fund (USDA)
  • Rural Housing Service (USDA)
  • Rural Telephone Bank (USDA)
  • Rural Utilities Service (USDA)
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children [WIC] (USDA)
  • State Mediation Grants (USDA)
  • Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations (USDA)
  • Watershed Surveys and Planning (USDA)
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